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Our Gas Turbine Testing Facility VEXTEC Laboratory Group's current facility was constructed in 2008 on 6.78 acres just west of Terre Haute International Airport, and north of Tri Aerospace. It features a 5,000 square foot main building with office space for 18 people, 2 conference rooms, and a 1,500 square foot shop area. There is a separate 500 square foot test cell which can accomodate 2 rigs running simultaneously. Operation of these rigs can be safely monitored from the main building. VEXTEC plans to eventually add 4 more test cells, which will allow operation of 10 rigs at the same time. Our fuel tank can hold 4,000 gallons of kerosene to accomodate long term testing. The JetCat P200SX uses only 12 gallons per hour when running at full speed. The fuel is mixed with Aeroshell 500 turbine oil (Approximately 5% - One quart oil to 5 gallons kerosene) to keep the bearings lubricated. Kerosene is suuplied to us by Trueblood Oil & the Aeroshell 500 is supplied by its sister company, Trueblood Lubricants. During long term testing, we keep 3 engines available: One on the rig, one ready to go on the rig & one undergoing maintenance.

If you would like to arrange a tour of VEXTEC's gas turbine testing facility, please contact Ed Pope at 317-750-3414 or email him at

VEXTEC Laboratory Group would like to thank Steven Witt, Claudia Tanoos & Lisa Johnson at the Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation for their assistance in finding & acquiring the property where our facility is located.

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